Package insurance

It is a comprehensively guaranteed insurance product in one policy that is designed towards to insured’s hopeful conditions against various risks such as fire, machinery breakdown, business interruption, and general liability which might be occurred in Fiber, Chemistry, Electric equipment, Metal, Petrochemical, and all kind of workplace (factory, office, and dormitory etc. ).
This summary notice was created for the purpose of helping customer’s understanding. So, it is followed by insurance policy whether compensate or not when incident occur.

  • Section 1Property All Risks

  • Section 2Machinery Breakdown

  • Section 3Business Interruption

  • Section 4General Liability


  • - Convenience of management of insurance policy
  • - Extension of scope of cover
  • - Prevention from omission of compensation
  • - Competitive premium price
  • - Tailor-made type insurance design reflected the needs of insured person.

Risk covered by each Section

Table of Risk covered by each Section
Section Scope of cover

General exclusions

General conditions

General exclusions shall apply to all sections of this package policy. (War, Nuclear weapons material, wilful act)

General conditions shall apply to all sections of this package policy.

Section 1

Property All Risks

① Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Wind, Flood, Smoke, Earthquake, Hail

② Damage, Burglary

③ Other all risk except Exclusions

Section 2

Machinery Breakdown

① All mechanical risk (defect in material, design, assembly)

② All electrical risk (overload, short circuit etc.)

③ Lack of skill, Carelessness of employee, Fall

④ Other all risk except Exclusions

Section 3

Business Interruption

Guarantee loss of gross profit due to business interruption.

① business interruption loss result from accident covered in section 1.

② business interruption loss result from accident covered in section 2.

Section 4

General Liability

① Legal liability loss on bodily injury or property damage of third party.

② Other damage liability claim or legal cost by lawsuit.

Package insurance product is created to secure all risk of insured person’s all property, so it is required to entry at least more than 2 sections

Main Exclusions by each section(loss do not covered)

Table of Main Exclusions by each section
Section Loss do not covered
Common General exclusions

- War, Invasion, Civil war, Civil commotion, Revolution, terrorism, Confiscation, nationalization, commandeering or requisition by any lawfully constituted authority, etc.

- Nuclear weapons material, Radioactive contamination, etc.

- Wilful act or wilful negligence of the insured or his representative.

Section 1

Property All Risks

- Losses related to Seepage, Pollution, Contamination.

- Wilful and continuous operating in excess of the limit of design or safety of factory facility or machine.

- Evacuation of workers, Sabotage or discontinuance of work.

- Subsidence, Settlement, Landslip, Shrinkage or expansion or erosion of soil.

- Wear and tear, Corrosion and erosion, Oxidation, Moisture, change of temperature or humidity, Natural heating, etc.

- Fermentation, Evaporation, Decrease of weight, Contamination or change of quality.

- Mechanism, Electric/electron or other equipment operation failure, breakdown, Operation badness, Collapse, Bursting.

- Short circuit, leakage, overflow, overload, overvoltage of electricity.

- Defect of material or production, Defect of design.

- Storing tank, Container leakage, overflow, burning up of production, etc.

Section 2

Machinery Breakdown

- Fire, Lightening, Explosion, Falling object from aircraft.

- Wear and tear, Rust, Sediment, Corrosion.

- Slow metamorphosis, Crack, Scar.

- Losses before operating as 100% of designed capacity, or losses related directly or indirectly during test run.

- Usage loss of machine or consequential loss

- Wilful act or wilful negligence of the insured or his representative.

Section 3

Business Interruption

- Law regulate construction of building or structure and repairing, or order by local or governmental authority.

- Lease, License, Stoppage of contract or order, Extinction or cancellation.

- Loss increased in business interruption by striker or other person.

- Business interruption in delaying of construction caused by work in progress.

Section 4

General Liability

- Bodily injury or property loss occurred by willful act or prediction of insured.

- Aggravated liability by contract.

- Insured person’s liability by worker’s compensation or unemployment law, or other similar laws.

- Bodily injury of insured person’s employee during work process and consequential loss occurred to the family.

- Bodily injury or property loss by pollutant exhaustion, diffusion, emission or effluence.

- Liability by automobile, aircraft, vessel.

- Liability by war, civil war, riot, rebellion, revolution.

- Loss of property under the insured’s possession, usage, rent, storage, maintain, control.

- Property loss on insured’s product caused by it’s product.

- Property loss on insured’s work caused by it’s work or partial work.

- Outage, collection, inspection, repair, exchange of product or damaged property

- Covering amount of liability insurance by requirement.

- Liability of professional job risk

- Punitive loss such as Fine, Penalty, etc.

- Liability by anchorage negligence

- Liability by nuclear related material